Why I give?

This questions comes up more and more lately. Yesterday I had a class with my students from all grades 9-11, I was presenting them the improved version of schools enterprise program which I’m proud of it, not because I’m taking a lead but because I got my fellow colleague response to it and their involvement.

During this 2 hours meeting I got a question, why? Why a person like me with my background is doing all of this. My first reactions was a smile, and I asked myself yes Peter why? and then something just popped up, because I care. I do care about you, was my answer, because I do care for you and I do care you to succeed. Reply was stunning , „I shouldn’t” like telling me somehow that they don’t deserve it, like being overwhelming for them. It might be but I do care and thats my honest and true motive behind it. I’m not doing it for money, if money would have been my drive I think the school couldn’t have afford me, sorry Diana for saying that I respect you and what you’ve achieved there but that is the truth, its not my drive and will never be. I’m still doing more then I’m suppose to, but I do care, I do care for my students and the school. I think this comes from my background.

I remember that while I was in my primary school I spent most of my time in hospitals and spent less time in school due to my cancer. But I had a tutor which I ended up respecting a lot because I had the feeling that he cared for me. He used to come home to visit and making sure I’m fine, came home and sitting with me for a while and then playing backgammon with my father when he was at home. I think I owe him a lot. While in school later one I always dreamed to have a teacher that is not really a teacher would be more then that. Would be mentor, a coach or a guide through life.

Some of my fellow colleagues are also puzzled why, so this is why because I care and is nothing bad about it. I see it as being something normal and this is what I consider being normal, if we would care more about others then I think world would be different, thats why I’m involved in charity that much, thats why I mentor sometimes for free, thats why I’m involved in many things just because I care.

I wish that my students will remember me not like their professor or teacher, I would like them to remember me as the one who triggered their curiosity, I would like them to remember me not as the one who taught them economics or business, I would like them to remember me as the one who taught them to think economics or business, the one who taught them to communicate, to argue, to express and trust themselves and why not the one the one who helped them to become a better version of themselves. That why I give, because I care.

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